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The Big Myth: It's better not to treat diarrhoea

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A recent consumer survey has found that 82% of Irish people feel weak and lacking in energy when suffering from diarrhoea1. By treating diarrhoea you can help to reduce the associated loss of fluids and nutrients. So why leave it untreated when you could take charge with IMODIUM® and get relief in under an hour!

What Healthcare Professionals say:

  • Experts in this field recommend that acute diarrhoea in otherwise healthy adults can be self-medicated without delay - and in fact there is no advantage in letting diarrhoea run its course!
  • However if you have a high temperature, blood in your stools, or diarrhoea that lasts for more than 24-48 hours you should talk to you doctor.

Gently does it!

IMODIUM® gently works with your body to relieve diarrhoea within one hour, helping to restore your natural bowel rhythm.

When you suffer from diarrhoea your digestive system works too fast, so too little fluid is absorbed by your gut and passes in your stools instead. IMODIUM® contains an ingredient called Loperamide that works locally to gently calm the digestive system down to a normal rhythm again. This allows greater absorption of fluids, hence firmer stools and relief from diarrhoea.

Now, ready for some more myths?


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